Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When You Mess With MY Kid, Meet Mama Bear!

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Have you ever had a “Mama Bear” moment? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, them you probably haven’t.

It’s that moment when someone treats your child badly, and you instinctively protect him, at all costs.

Well, I had that moment yesterday at the dental office when our oldest had to get his tooth pulled.  Our sweet, thoughtful, 7-year-old has been anxiously awaiting the loss of a tooth for some time now.  He’s watched his younger brother already lose two! So, the thought of having the Tooth Fairy pay him a visit was tremendously exciting, even if it meant that the tooth would be pulled out rather than falling out.

We arrived at the dental office, excited at the prospects of what we’d be leaving with- a precious tooth!

However… my sweet boy was met with a dental hygienist/dentist combo who were both in the mood to verbally belittle and horrify a child.  With threats to him of my not being allowed in the room to shouting in his face to, “Stop it!” (both of which were completely unwarranted and inappropriate).

Who shouts at a child for making a tiny, whimpering noise when a tooth is being pried from his mouth????

The answer is a big jerk!

I’m usually a very passive, lover-not-a-fighter, kind of girl, but yesterday made my blood boil. When that hygienist asked Grant, “Do you want your mom to have to leave if you…” for the second time, I quietly said to her in a “Mama Bear” tone, “Stop saying that because I’M NOT LEAVING!” Let me tell you, she didn’t say it again.

And when the dentist shouted in my scared son’s face to “Stop it,” I quietly said, “He is 7 years old!” That stopped Dr. Jerk right in his footsteps.

While my “Mama Bear” moments in that office were quiet and short, they made a difference.

This morning, I called Dr. Jerk’s office and had all of our records transferred and relayed a very long message to him of why we would never step a foot in that office again.  I simply couldn’t bear for that to happen again. 

On the way to school this morning, Grant asked if we would be going there again…

“Never,” said Mama Bear.

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Gail Wilson said...

oh my gosh!!! how traumatic! Poor thing, both of you actually. What is wrong with PEOPLE! Was it a pediatric dentist? My daughter went to one, and they were great. I sure hope it was a grownup dentist...but in any case they were wrong and so glad your mama bear came out!!!

Anonymous said...

GRANDMA BEAR would like to take Mr Jerk and his assistant to the woods and do what bears do. Smoke is still coming out of my ears. WHO!!!!!!!!! treats a child like that---IN FRONT OF THEIR MOTHER. So proud of how you handled that situation. If Mr Jerk and his staff don't want to be bothered with treating children why do they make appointments for them. I know three children and five adults they won't be bothered with from now on. Mom

Heather said...

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E said...

I live near you, we met a couple yrs ago at Gails "Jaunt" would love to know where this happened sure want to spare my babes the same ! Good luck in Las Vegas!! E

kristina Andrew said...

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