Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wonder Woman- My Hero


Do you ever have one of those weeks where it seems like the paperwork never ends?  The to-do list is a mile long? And the kids voices are a full octave higher than usual?

My, oh my!

Oh, and let’s throw in a few showings on your house at some inopportune times… yikes! (Where’s a housekeeper when you need one?)

This is my life. It is crazy busy and crazy wonderful right now.

Do you thrive in a hectic and slightly stressful environment?

I think that I do. When you’re a Type-A gal with three kids, you learn to take a busy schedule and really rock it!  You put your hair in a pony, grab your lipgloss and iphone, and make it all happen. 

It feels good when you look back on those days that were filled to the brim and realize that you made it through, maybe even with a bit of grace and elegance. 

So, it’s time to channel your inner-Wonder Woman because we, as wives and mothers, are Wonder Women.  We do it all every day for everyone in our families, and we look good doing it ;-)

Cheers to all of the wives and mothers out there inspiring us all to do our best and be our best every day- you are a Wonder Woman!

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Gail Wilson said...

whoa! you're crazy busy alright! I've been buried in paperwork for a couple of weeks (taxes) hate it!
good luck with the house showings!!!

Makeup tips for women said...

hmm very nice

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